At the time i was approached for this project tha app was already built, so my taks was to design and develop the landing page for SOSgoo mobile app. This app allows users to ask for help in any kind of dangerous situation by just pressing a button.

Drain Technology

Drain Technology is a service that allows users to protect their vehicles, either by tracking its position, oil consumption, and control over other functionalities. My task in this projecet has been to design the branding and web, also made some infographic illustrations that were used on the website as way to help users understand more of the services.

University's Virtual Learning Platform Redesign

After using the virtual learning platform that belongs to the university i studied at, i felt the need to use that experience and take the things a liked and those i didn't about it, and redesign it in a way that i thought would be more user friendly and provide a more intuitive experience for the students. Here i show the initial rough sketches and several shots. The color pallete was based on the one currently in use by the university.